Laboratory Opportunities

We are currently recruiting new MASc and PhD students in the field of medical imaging and biomedical devices. Full research assistantship support is available. Students holding major scholarships, e.g. NSERC or other national scholarships, are urged to apply at any time, and should indicate this in their communication. NSERC students are eligible for top up scholarships. Students from EE, MECH and PHYS are encouraged to apply. Previous background in biomedical engineering is less important than academic quality. In order to be considered for graduate studies you must formally apply to either the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, or the Department of Mechanical Engineering at UBC. We accept students from both departments so you can choose the one that fits your background and research interests. Another option is the Biomedical Engineering program. All applications are carefully reviewed by staff and faculty in the respective department to which you apply. The formal application process is via the Internet

We receive a large number of e-mails requesting acceptance to UBC or advice on academic careers. It is not possible for us to respond to all of these emails, so accept our apology if we do not respond to your email. Students with strong academic qualifications are encouraged to submit formal applications to UBC. We will review formal applications to our department that meet UBC Graduate Studies requirements and indicate interest in studying in our lab. If you wish to study with me, please add our names as a potential supervisor to your application so that it will be flagged to our attention. Feel free to e-mail us that you have done so, and add a short description of why you wish to study in my research area.

We accept a combination of Canadian and international students. We look closely at applicants with good grades from an IIT (India), Sharif, Tehran, Amir Kabir and Isfahan University of Technology (Iran), Tsinghua University (China), and good universities in Europe and Canada.